Do the dead read

Uncaria tomentosa

greetings breathless

in orange smiles


Do the dead read

low rise tide cakes

lined with

woven birds


Do the dead read


barley hemlock


Do the dead read

shapeless combs

dissolved synesthesia

feel mouthless

honeyed marathons

jocund sprints

having nowhere to go

all the time in the world



Gassho, Walt

(dandelion snow)


no use crying on

blue goat Shabbat

pigeons could

be doves

onion edge

leaf tilt

red sprout

conifer scar

garlic escape

lupin star



Diane R. Wiener is the author of the poetry collection, The Golem Verses, published in June, 2018 (Nine Mile Press).  Her poetry appears in Nine Mile Magazine, Wordgathering, Tammy, and elsewhere; it is forthcoming in the South Carolina Review.  Diane has flash fiction published in Ordinary Madness (Weasel Press).  She is a Research Professor at Syracuse University.

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