then notch     and numb
     from sweet hom-
holistic clear         lamp
     any time     some frog unit
  flea market     receding is ear
              the distance trophy
 tweeting between suns
 lines whitening      chop    
          scotched    sap campaign  i’m
a fab controller    tabled
      erase that grin country
                 of the pits armed fantasy
medicine headed    un    
 off tantamount             scatter
in the clouds     hunch with quasi
        missal syndicate       scout around
  a late arrival finds    silo
            entirety medallion ‘and’
such like         switch latch
   an interval
   of doors


Gene Tierney

(1920 – 1991)

    another thing after laura saw nightly twenty shocks jockeying grave another thing slow roses on set the razor’s adage so so flown a rage magnetised to slightest order another what that hampered rise stardom avoided afforded i could have just two weeks shy of emphysema slight overbite another that that left handed lavish indeed rocked prominent cheek loan cleaner nomination the most flounder hoarse carrier water that other waiver path named prim wash to rise if

    cinema does not say kidnap her away shanghaied why gestures this lonely that close to my heart zanuck flicking thin ash more than excited sinner exited two weeks shy said best actress another sundown another mutters holiday clicked like connecticut swanky tobacco road drizzle rose unslung rocket agon tried what folds give up sloped with off never not that fair sip weather recipient other light shadowy vehicle fills shy of real time really will tell tackle dazzle tender in which i stray to be i’ll stay i plugging under some old day trickles to be incipiently


Sleep Before You

after listening to will oldham

                   sphinctum rip

        roaring shadow play :

sibilant removal company
at work on canalised

menace terrains
on slippery figures tapping up
hippocampus employees

                incorporated whole hog

waterhole just as               into hissed

               by experimenting
     with smaller peristalsis

dazed or dais or dialled in

mind control full

no places:

the flying horse
loft homes
versions:    when listen ferris

            it’s the chicken
            twists the bell
the light and water carrier worrier

no point
closing with
the bone raid

the sentenced careerist     well

magnesium for sleep
hugs for the meet


As Colin Winborn, I’ve published in several journals, including X-Peri, nth position, Dream Catcher, and Litter. I have also produced several chapbooks, including Gleams and Fractions (Red Ceilings) and Nerve Cells (Knives, Forks and Spoons). As Cal Wenby, I have published in Marsh Flower Gallery and Hidden Noise (forthcoming).

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